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What is The Bradden Method?

The Bradden Method was born out of my own ill health. In my early thirties, I was in and out of hospital, undergoing tests for cancer and Crohn's Disease. The potent medicine had me breaking out with cystic acne, and my body seemed to be rebelling against the stress of it all. That’s when my love affair with acupuncture began. It was as if someone gently nudged my body and re-anchored me, with the needles helping to reduce scarring and inflammation, and ultimately having a deeper impact on my mental health. This was the start of my journey to healing and laid the path of future energy work. Everything I bring into the Bradden Method - the eastern and western blend of high tech and Traditional Chinese Medicine - is what brought me back to health spiritually, physically and mentally.

The treatment.

I start by looking at a patient's tongue: its colour and texture signify everything from a vitamin deficiency to liver, kidney, or digestive flares and even if someone is due their period. And you can always spot a ‘party tongue’ if someone has had an indulgent few days. The tongue gives a great overview of what’s going on internally. Next, I feel the patient’s pulse to determine whether they may be Yin deficient, for instance, and do a seated energetic reading which helps me understand stress levels. An EMF “earthing” mat blended with crystals mimic the body’s natural healing frequency vibrations. Then I begin acupuncture.

Navigating a pre-conception of Chinese medicine.

It was all quite witchy-woo pre-pandemic but, for me, energy work is a never ending journey of discovery that began with my own rehabilitation and study in TCM at the Acuregen Academy.

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Crystal Ear Seeds

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How do you combine western medicine?

Working with some of the panellists at the Acupuncture Society, we began to trial combination light therapy and acupuncture. I then called upon the western doctors that were pivotal to my own journey back to health, Dr. Tam and nutritionist Hannah Richards, who helped merge the two practices. It's all about balancing yin and yang, masculine and feminine energies, through the cutting edge and ancient tools at our disposal. We continue to train with one another and share findings, exploring the future of bio-hacking and high-tech wellness.

What is ear seeding?

The ears are one of the most studied microcosms and are essentially a direct line to our brains. If someone is adverse to needles, ear seeding can address pain, hormonal imbalance or long term illness.

Ear seeds used to look like ugly plasters, now they resemble pretty jewels and I’m excited to say we’re working on new crystal designs with a company in LA.

Maintenance methods.

Our vibration methods can be maintained on-the-go through acupressure tips, body tapping, and ear seeding to promote healthy blood flow. It gives my clients what I like to call the Wonder Woman aura which has many weaning off facelifts and Botox thanks to a natural plumpness and heightened energy. 

Your own routine and lifestyle.

I wake at 5am, before the kids are up, and head straight into the garden - rain or shine - to absorb the fresh light and air. I practise seated meditation atop my EMF Mat and shuffle between different playlists, from a Candali or a Reiki Healing track, depending on my mood. Body movement is super important to me too - I do a daily stretch sequence and Heartcore three times a week.

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The Bradden Method

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What are your wellness saviours?

To start with skincare, I love my DeMamiel products and Cosmoss’s CBD drops.

From a nutritional standpoint, Omega 3 oil is great to calm the nervous system. If we don’t address inflammation, our body can’t absorb anything correctly, from nutrient dense foods, B12 or magnesium. I’m also a devotee to collagen-rich, winter bone broths. 

If I’m feeling peaky, I love popping on a Light Patch (the X39 which you can leave on for up to 12 hours). It uses nanotechnology to trigger the body into repair and make for happy cells.  

On the horizon...

I am most fascinated right now by the ways in which the combination of eastern and western medicine have the power to slow down the ageing process. Hormonally speaking, there is so much I have learned from patients suffering from the yo-yo effects of menopause and I am super excited to be releasing more targeted treatments that speak to this.


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