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Pilates In The Clouds

Founder Lauren Masaoka on creating a fitness phenomenon, with a waitlist to prove it

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The London studio

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The story behind Pilates in the Clouds.

The first time I tried real Pilates with apparatus, I was 18, and looking for something new to incorporate into my workout routine. I was quite confident in my athletic ability, until half way through my private workout I was shaking like a leaf! Surprised by my lack of strength in the deeper, non-cosmetic muscles of my body, I was intent on gaining strength. I learned from an amazing instructor, who was able to help me target my goals and achieve astonishingly fast results. I lost 10 inches over my whole body in 20 sessions, and I felt stronger than ever. I was completely hooked!

Pilates in the Clouds has always been quality over quantity. No matter the length of our waitlist, we don’t cater to large group classes. A group just can’t achieve the precision or the bespoke routine that our private, duo and trio delivers. I also wanted to create a beautiful and safe space, where client privacy is paramount. The key to our results is always tailoring the workout to each client’s specific needs and goals.

What wellness means to you.

Wellness as a whole is so personal. I believe it to be all-encompassing activities and rituals that heal, strengthen, nourish and enlighten.

A wellness ritual you swear by.

Living in London, and travelling quite a bit, I’m obsessed with detoxing the body. Epsom salt baths, constant hydration and my infrared sauna are my go-to wellness rituals for a quick reset. I’m also addicted to holistic dental healthcare. My bespoke nightly routine prevents specific pathogens that otherwise cause many illnesses and excessive fatigue.

One piece of advice you would you give your 18-year-old self.

Focus on you and what your goals are. Don’t get distracted looking at what others are doing. Comparison is the thief of joy! Learn from your mistakes, celebrate your wins and enjoy the journey. One of my favourite quotes is from Helen Keller, “Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want.”

Leonie Hanne at the studio

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In the Kuwait studio

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The latest additions to your workout kit.

Our clients are often warm working out, so we have the AC on year round. I’m from LA so I’m usually cold and wrapped up in a Loro Piana cashmere sweater and black leggings! My favourite non-pilling leggings are Lululemon, Vuori and Adanola.

On your workout playlist.

Depends on my mood for the day, and on my client’s if I’m teaching. Sometimes it's Ludovico Einaudi, sometimes it’s Jay-Z. I’m a bit basic though, so it’s usually just something upbeat by Drake, Taylor Swift or Jack Harlow!

In your expert circle.

My expert circle would be those I admire and trust the most. I’m so lucky to have such a strong foundation of like-minded friends and clients that are always encouraging me to grow and progress, from fellow female entrepreneurs to editors and CEOs. It’s a circle that does not engage in a scarcity mindset, instead always looking for opportunities to build each other up. I’m so incredibly grateful to have the privilege to work alongside and engage with such exceptional individuals.

Who you're influenced by.

Women that have the foresight to see success in a unique product, service or brand they have an idea for. I’m sure this stems from being raised by my mother, who is an incredible example of a self-made entrepreneur. I think it’s amazing to see someone curate and customise an idea to perfection, and then execute their plan to completion. Even with bumps along the road, I want to surround myself and be influenced by people with follow-through!

On the apparatus in Kuwait

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