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Pierre Augustin Rose

Searching for the exceptional in interiors? Explore the Parisian design house's singular world that blends innovation and classicism with enviably voluptuous lines


From a studio and showroom near the Place des Victoires in Paris the trio behind Pierre Augustine Rose: Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose work their magic.

Le Minitore Armchair

@pierre_augustine_rose // Instagram

What piece of furniture or art inspired you to enter the world of design?

Rose: A ceramic vessel by Kazunori Hamana. The Japanese fisherman and farmer was known for his signature, homemade anchovy sauce and ceramics. I bought the large, fragile piece directly from the artist. It allows me to travel to Japan without going anywhere. 

Augustin: My Prefacto Sofa by Pierre Guariche, with its original white upholstery. I like things to be unique, even if time worn.

Pierre: A large painting by the Spanish artist Miguel Peña, depicting a lone fisherman, his feet wading in the water, holding a net just big enough for the day’s catch. Though I have had the piece for forty years, it is a constant reminder that we should not take nature for granted, removing from it only what we need to sustain ourselves.

How did the three of you meet?

Augustin: myself and Pierre had been working in the world of antiques and wanted to design objects that we could not find elsewhere. We met Rose, who has been crucial in connecting us with the best artisans that help bring the vision to life.

How do you strike a balance between modernity and timeless design?

We use these ingrained design references to tailor pieces for the modern eye aspiring for a timeless classicism that honours the legacy of the past.

Interiors by Pierre Augustine Rose

@pierre_augustine_rose // Instagram

Palais Royale 320 Sofa

@pierre_augustine_rose // Instagram

From the Saint Honoré Sofa to the Forum 280 Table, soft shapes and edges are constant - tell us more.

The curvilinear, soft nature of our design informs the DNA of Pierre Augustine Rose. We never compromise on these key design elements in response to ‘market tastes.’

What people and places continue to inspire your work?

Rose: It’s impossible to choose just one. A melange of the mad, wild and magical artists I admire… those who have the perseverance to succeed despite often challenging circumstances. 

Pierre: Axel Vervoordt, the Belgian artist who was the first to mix the richness of antiquity, from the ornate Egyptian statues to rustic finds, and fuse that with elements from impressionable contemporary brands like Tapiès or Fontana. Later in his career, the Zen Buddhist, Wabi-sabi spirit began guiding the ‘sacred geometry’ of his work. 

Study Room by Pierre Augustine Rose

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Atelier Brancusi

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Who is in your own circle of experts?

Augustin: I love the hilltops above Nice that offer a sublime light and a deep rooted heritage of 20th century artists. 

Pierre: Atelier Brancusi, Constantin Brancusi’s former studio from the 1950s, is the place I gather the most inspiration. His studio is the perfect expression of oneness: a complete work, not allowing for removal or additions. 

Rose: Today, it may be a cliché as it is all over Instagram but the modern art museum, Foundation Maeght and the nearby boutique hotel, La Colombe d’Or in Saint Paul de Vence boast the most amazing collection of Picasso, Matisse and Cocteau amongst many others. The mix of the old and the new tucked away in the French Riviera is magical. I am also enthralled by Anselm Kiefer’s La Ribaute Foundation in Barjac the South of France with its 60 buildings, underground tunnels and numerous installations.

How do you go about naming each model?

Once a piece is finished, the three of us get together, exchange thoughts and brainstorm ideas. The Eole Lamp pulls from the God of Wind, partly because the design made us think of clouds and partly in homage to antiquity -  our constant source of inspiration. Similarly, the Daphne chair refers to the daughter of the Greek God Penuis. The Bauhaus and Minotaur armchairs have similar baptisms. 

Your most exciting project as of late?

The Square Berlin, the iconic concept store and apartment owned by Joseph Voelk and Emmanuel de Bayser, showcasing his emblematic collection of 20th century design pieces and an emporium of 21st century fashion and objets. It was the first interior design project for Pierre Augustin Rose and of this scale. It all came from scratch!

Palais Royale Froufrou

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