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Kirsty Godso

We talk to the vivacious Kiwi who has helped revolutionize the fitness industry for women with her 360 approach to training

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How should exercise change as we grow older?

As we get older (hotter), we require shifts in training to support our dynamic and ever changing bodies. Adding high intensity exercise (HIIT) becomes more important as we reach menopause territory. Why? Bursts of intense exercise intervals combat insulin sensitivity as blood sugar levels change, and we need to go the extra step to manage cardiovascular health, maintain muscle mass, boost metabolism and burn visceral fat that can also increase around this time. It doesn’t have to be high impact HIIT either: sprints on a bike, swimming, rowing all count - the goal is to get your heart rate up and to keep your body moving. Topping up with stability promoting exercises like pilates and yoga will help maintain balance.

Advice on workout schedules?

This is so dependent on the individual. I like it if people are active every day but it doesn't have to be intense: some days that can be a 30min walk or stretching. I love to see a balance that spans high (max 3 x per week) and low (rest and stretching) sessions. HIIT training gets a bad rep because people don’t schedule appropriate rest around the workouts and the body becomes inflamed. A blend of modalities such as strength, pilates, cardio (can be HIIT or running, biking, swimming etc), yoga and walking is great.  

After an intense workout I also recommend a cold plunge but wait a few hours after strength training so as not to interfere with muscle gains. The same program won’t work for everyone because we are all so unique. Your body always gives you signals if you’re doing too much or not the right type of exercise.

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What inspired you to become a trainer?

I have always been into sport and started going to the gym for rehab when I was 15 after a knee surgery and became fascinated. I did a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Auckland with a double major in Finance and Marketing. Throughout my studies, I based my uni schedule around my preferred gym classes. That meant attending a 7 am calculus to make a 9 am strength class - committed you can say! 

I started to work in fitness after graduating as a side bar alongside my job as a media buyer and then pivoted to fitness completely as a brand manager for Les Mills, working as the face and lead trainer. That was how Nike found me in 2012 - the rest is history. I had this deep desire to change the way fitness looked, sounded and was branded and realized it was going to be easier if I was right there in the thick of it. The gym scene needed a reboot from the tacky bodybuilder vibe as did the marketing which sold short the intangible impact of movement. Fitness and wellness is such a gift and a beautiful part of our lives.  

Now based in LA, in my 11th year with Nike I can’t imagine my life without having gone down the training route. I have an amazing roster of clients who are all dear friends too, and I have designed a gym for Equinox in New York. I sweat with thousands of people all over the world and millions online and I still feel like I’m just getting started.

Who are your mentors?

To name a few:

Krissy Jones - Sky Ting Yoga might be one of the most peaceful humans on the planet. She made me fall in love with yoga and take time to slow down. 

Dani Busko - my pilates mentor who converted me in 2018 and encouraged me to get certified. 

Joe Holder - fellow Nike Trainer and all round genius. Through Nike we are lucky to have access to Deepak Chopra, doctors and performance specialists who teach me so much as do the amazing team of women at Nike who help ensure we are catering to women throughout the different ages and stages of life.

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Let’s talk about Made Of and please share a refuel recipe…

I started working on Made Of in 2016 and launched in 2018. I have always been a fan of whey protein isolate (minus the lactose, making it friendly to dairy sensitive users) and once I moved to the US in 2016 I realized there was a space for a clean NZ Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate. I’m a female founded, self funded company and this premium product is full of natural amino acids and naturally fortified with leucine for female hormone balance. The protein industry is a bit of a scary place with misleading claims and horrible branding. We say what we are.

What’s on the horizon this fall?

Alongside all the things I do for Nike, I’m building out my own fitness platform launching at the end of this year. I want to offer a community based service that showcases the type of training I do with clients and on myself and that also blends in amazing wellness rituals. Stay tuned!

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