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Keren Bartov

Aesthetician Keren Bartov has honed non-invasive treatments with life-changing results, none more so than the new "Gold Lift"


Priyanka Chopra is a client

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Your journey into aesthetics.

I’ve always loved aesthetics, to see someone’s skin and recognise how I can help them. When I was four years old I stole my mother’s face cream and tried to sell it to all my neighbours. She still doesn’t know that! My mother is so beautiful - always focusing on her skin and makeup - so that really inspired me to pursue the career I have I think.

What beauty means to you.

To be natural. That’s very important to me. I'm 44 years old, I have wrinkles, and that's fine, because my skin is fresh and glowing without makeup, and that’s what catches the eye. But we must be clever and start treating our skin from a young age.

Defining moments.

Of course when I opened my clinic in London last year. But when I save people from acne and pigmentation - those are the moments that make me so happy.

Your clinics in Tel Aviv and London.

They are the same - same practice, same products, created by me. I don’t believe in having menus because everyone’s skin is so different so we start by analysing the skin and then deciding what’s best on the day. Come a month later and that will be very different as your skin is evolving all the time, depending on the climate, stress - so many factors. 

I’m always travelling to find new machines and techniques that promise the best, to bring back to my clinics. Right now, that includes 50 FDA-approved advanced medical technologies, and we could use four to six in a single treatment.. The latest is so amazing: the Gold Lift is a crazy treatment that lifts the skin without surgery. You only need one, maximum two, treatments, and the results appear after three months and last for two years. It’s a complete gamechanger.

Keren's London clinic

Keren Bartov

Keren Bartov Peptide Glow Boost

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The skincare line.

I just wasn’t finding the products that brought me the best results so I started my own line. I knew that to see significant change over time, my treatments should be combined with the right product. It’s all part of the maintenance of the skin - just how, for your body, exercise must be fueled by eating well. 

Each product addresses a different skin concern. My three favourites right now are the Peel and Glow - a magic complex of gentle acids that leaves you glowing all day; the pink-hued Adverse Skin Repair Serum that’s silky formula  hydrates the skin with a single drop (I apply every hour when I’m flying!); and the Micellar Water with hyaluronic acid, fentanyl and calendula.

Day-to-day lifestyle rituals to aid your skincare routine.

It’s very important to live a healthy lifestyle. We must drink two litres of water a day, and it’s very important not to be in the sun and to protect our skin from it.

The best advice ever given to you.

You must believe. If you think positive things and believe you are going to get it, you will. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t say you can’t do it.

A beauty icon that continues to inspire you.

Kate Moss is 50 years old and still on top - she is a power girl! She is beautiful inside as well as out and that shows. I am inspired by all the women I work with that are so talented and successful in their own right. They work from morning to evening, with children and a home to also take care of. It’s so inspiring. Demi Moore is another client - 61 years old - wow.

On your wishlist.

I will never stop dreaming! I would like more clinics and for my products to be more accessible around the world - perhaps in LA or New York next. And to be healthy, of course!

Keren during a treatment

Keren Bartov


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