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Joanna Czech

With her candour, humour and 360 approach, Czech is the most in demand aesthetician for the Met’s red carpet guests.

Harriet Quick gets to grips with her stripped back approach.


Joanna with client Kim Kardashian

@joannaczechofficial // Instagram

How many years have you been involved in the Met?

I’ve been prepping guests for The Met Gala for over two decades. The first twelve years, solely committed to my long standing client Anna Wintour, her friends and family. The Met is my Oscars.

This Spring, I will be treating clients from our new flagship on Howard Street, created with interior designer John Kim. In past seasons, I have opted for hotel suite setups with up to eighteen appointments a day in the 48-72 hours prior to the big event.

What do clients like Kim Kardashian, Amber Valetta and Lily Aldridge expect?

Everybody wants pronounced cheeks, a sculpted jawline and lifted brows. I champion manual massage techniques that ‘warm up’ the skin before integrating targeted microcurrent technology to promote muscle stimulation. I also like combination infrared light therapy to increase product absorption, giving the skin that lovely, dewy finish.

Thoughts on Karl Lagerfeld and his oeuvre?

I was lucky enough to meet Karl in Dallas for the Metiers d’Art Show in 2013 with Anna Wintour shortly after I had opened my own clinic in Dallas. The three of us were in the same hotel and I was fascinated by his aura. Years later, I had the unforgettable experience of staying at his ‘rented abode,’ the beautiful La Réserve in Ramatuelle. 

This year, I’m proud to be working with a number of his Chanel Ambassadors from Amber Valletta, to Lily Aldridge and Shalom Harlow.

Anna Wintour, now in her seventies, is blessed with amazing skin and bone structure. What do you do to enhance?

Anna has the healthiest lifestyle. With the level of stress she is under, if she skipped the 5 am alarm for tennis before heading to Vogue House, if she didn’t maintain that level of discipline across the board, she would not be the same person. 

While on one hand, I should be promoting all the creams and machines trending with my clients, it's not my philosophy: there is no instant fix.  A month before the Met Gala, Wintour comes to see me for her first ‘glow’ appointment, but it's just one part of the equation. It’s the discipline that counts.

The Ultimate Facial feat. Amber Valletta

@joannaczechofficial // Instagram

Joanna in The Row Coat

@joannaczechofficial // Instagram

Growing up in communist Poland, how did your childhood inform your ethos?

I left in 1989 and growing up it was all about being the best student, athlete and the hardest worker. My parents owned a restaurant and so my entryway into the world of wellness was the kitchen. For my father, wealth equaled food and the refrigerator. We washed our face and body with the same soap and used the same cream, and it did the job. When I tell my story, people may think they are watching a movie, but it's this understanding of stripped back needs that informs my approach today.  

There is endless marketing promoting decollage and neck creams that we don’t need. Treat everything the same from the nipples up. We each have one of five skin types, whether that be normal-dry skin, slight rosacea, pigmented or oily skin, that can be managed well with lifestyle practices from sleep to nutrition. We need to be more intuitive and not trust everything on Tik Tok!

So how does your technique differ for maintenance versus the red carpet?

I never opt for anything too invasive, as many of them need to be red carpet ready at the drop of a hat. Although, if a client comes in weeks before  a big appearance, I may apply an active peel and then scale back to moisture-focussed treatments.

What other practices do you recommend?

A lot of my clients, myself included, spend an outrageous amount of time on flights and in air conditioned environments and replenishing lost hydration (from my recent studies an estimated 30% is lost over a four hour flight) and related inflammation is key. I advise two litres of water before 14.00 and a third before 17.00 daily.

4-6 weeks before an event, I also prescribe Dr. Gundry’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet. There are shortcuts like Ozempic Injections, but I don’t recommend that route.

Joanna Czech Dry Massage Body Brush

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Joanna Czech - The Kit

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Tell us about the ‘On the Go’ kit?

My clinic showcases a mix of formulas developed at the Oio Lab in Poland alongside other vetted products. 

My first step is a slightly acidic toner (5.8pH)  to neutralise the pH effect of city tap water. 

I follow with my serum, a combination hyaluronic acid that also targets anti-redness and inflammation. Never fall for a basic version, it's simply a blend of sugar and water! 

On the go, I also love our Vitamin A serum, important for anyone over the age of 28, and the Concentrated Retinol Serum by Environ (Sequence 4+ for my skin). Vitamin C serums are great for daytime and a fortified balm at night. Approaching sixty myself, I have low levels of oestrogen, so replenishing and locking in hydration is crucial. 

For supplements: probiotics, Vitamin D, C and Omegas. I am sceptical of the efficacy of collagen powders.

@joannaczechofficial // Instagram

Joanna featuring Clé de Peau Beauté

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The myth and reality of blue light damage?

If you are disciplined with your Vitamin A, C and ceramides then the skin is protected. In reality, air conditioning is more impactful than devices.

What do you learn working with the laboratories in Poland?

I really believe in my background, my biology and my beauty institute. What I learned back then still applies. People take an analytical approach to medicine and wellness at large and are not easily swayed by trends.

How do you connect with your clients?

I have been an aesthetician for 37 years, seeing the majority of my clients since 1995, and while I don’t remember everyone’s names I remember their Zodiac signs. I’m Aquarius but as a Polish woman, I have no choice to be organised! My EA is a Virgo, who keeps me in line.

Your thoughts on trends?

Thinking back to the late Karl: I love trends. When it comes to skincare, I love learning about them and then picking them apart. At the end of the day, the skin needs what it needs but does not fundamentally change in its anatomy or biology. With skincare, if you go with the trends, if you just follow what your girlfriend does, you can get into irreversible trouble.

The Ultimate Facial feat. Lily Aldridge

@joannaczechofficial // Instagram

Joanna in Thierry Lasry Opticals

@joannaczechofficial // Instagram

What are your forever pieces?

There was a moment in my life when it seemed I was single-handedly supporting Brunello Cucinelli’s brand, so much so that I ended up at a dinner with him in Solomeo! While I still love the comfort of Cucinelli, on a daily basis you are more likely to find me in Bottega, The Row and a lot of old Celine. I love R13, Maison Margiela and Rick Owens, which unfortunately are near my Soho clinic.

Tell us about your jewellery and eyewear?

I wear a lot of Jennifer Meyer, Irene Neuwirth, Becca Struass, Foundry. 

Thierry Lasry forever. I had all my sunglasses turned into readers. I plan on walking into my Wintour appointment today with my new pair; it’s a battle of the frames!

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