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Dr. Maryam Zamani

Face to face with the Oculoplastic Surgeon, Facial Aesthetics Doctor and founder of MZ Skin


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Talk to us about your philosophy behind The Clinic?

The need to appear attractive, and desirable at all ages is innate in our DNA and is the underlying reason patients come to me. Our skin reflects physical and emotional health and is greatly influenced by lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, stress management and sleep. I take great pleasure in helping people feel good about themselves and boosting self-confidence by making small tweaks.  My goal is to help clients look the best version of themselves at every age.  

What is new and exciting in the aesthetics space? Are treatments leaning more towards innovative injectables or laser focussed technology?

There is so much newness: we have advanced neuromodulators on the market with longer duration effects (suitable for hyperhidrosis) and new injectables such as nucleotides, combination dermal fillers and smarter skin boosters.  I am keenly awaiting Renuva (adipose fat allograft with protein, collagen, and growth factors) to help re-volumize the face but it is not yet available in the UK. 

Energy based devices and technology have rapidly improved in efficacy and safety. BBL (BroadBand Light) and MOXI laser are excellent non-invasive ways to clear pigmentation, stimulate collagen production and polish skin. Multifunctional tightening machines like EmSCULPT Neo are a good addition to tighten skin and muscle on the arms, abdomen, and legs. There is some interesting technology in the US like micro coring that again we are waiting for in Europe.

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When did you begin practising and what have you noticed about the evolution in aesthetics?

I began practicing in 2004 and I have learnt that there is no one magical treatment to fix everything. Rather, it is about being consistent and thoughtful about multifaceted treatments, skincare, and lifestyle choices. Overall, my patients want to live their best lives, and match their youthful mindset with their physical appearance; that means taking care of the face and body inside and out.  It is an absolutely lovely holistic and harmonious way to pro-age.

Clean beauty and aesthetic intervention, can they truly go hand in hand?

Clean Beauty is a commonly used term, but there is no uniform definition and therefore, it’s often misused. The term Conscious Beauty is more meaningful. At MZ Skin, transparency, honesty and education are at the forefront and in terms of quality, our INCI is packed with both known powerhouse ingredients like antioxidants, retinols, ceramides, peptides and also innovative ingredients like bio-identical human collagen, plant and animal stem cells, Kahai oil.

Who is in your own circle of experts?

I love my experts and my amazing friends. David Diafat trains me 3 times a week with weight bearing exercises, stretching, and a mental pause. Terrence the Teacher is my spiritual guru guiding me with mindfulness and self-love.  His energy is deeply calming. I adore India Madhavi and Maria Ousseimi for design and I’m looking at a lot of interiors as we are embarking on a project in St. Tropez.    

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What is on your fashion wish list for spring?

I have nothing particular on my list... but am always drawn to something fun, colourful and happy.  My style is consistent in and out of the office (minus the heels) and it is classical with a twist. I do not follow trends and constantly recycle, restyle my wardrobe.

What is your dream escape?

Anywhere with my family (but summers, for sure, St. Tropez). My trainer always laughs at me after I return from a holiday, because I always think my last was the best. I so want to visit Japan - hopefully next Spring for the cherry blossoms.

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