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LESSE founder Neada Deters on the foundations of her hardworking skincare heroes

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The motivation behind launching LESSE.

As an editor, I spent years searching for natural, performance-driven skin care to heal my hyperpigmentation, acne, and chronic sensitivity. When I finally recognised that the high quality, efficacious solutions I was looking for didn’t yet exist, I set out to create my own.

I brought together my years of product testing, ingredient research, and insights from interviews with the industry’s preeminent skin care experts. With that knowledge, I found the answer in scientifically proven active botanicals— and my home, Australia, with its incomparable ingredients. Australian native plants have evolved, over millions of years, to withstand their harsh environment through the development of profound reparative and rejuvenating properties. Containing exceptionally high concentrations of antioxidants, their extracts deliver exceptional soothing, illuminating, and regenerative benefits.

Your inspiration.

I am greatly inspired by my grandmothers, and many of the women in my life. I also find myself greatly inspired by architecture and design, and their simple philosophy: create something enduring, and of beauty. It’s a philosophy that resonates with us. Our formulations center on proven ingredients, to support your skin now—and every day from here on in.

LESSE collection

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LESSE wrapped

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A changemaking moment.

The launch of our Every Tone SPF 30. I was born and raised in Sydney, where sun protection is second nature. A non-nano zinc has always been the gold standard in sun protection— as it provides physical, broad spectrum defense while alleviating inflammation —but often results in a white cast on the skin. To avoid leaving a white cast, compromises are often made in sunscreen formulations— whether in the protective level or the quality of the ingredients. I have always wanted to create the perfect sunscreen and our Every Tone SPF 30 is the first 100% natural, non-nano zinc SPF 30 that blends to invisible on all skin tones. 

I spent four gruelling years working on the formula itself but this product was several years in the making. We developed a proprietary dispersion technology to perfect the blend down on skin, and I believe it exemplifies the innovation that is possible within the natural skin care space.

Next is the launch of our Calming Cleanser in April. I developed this for truly sensitive and highly reactive skin, bringing together Hinoki, Rose, and Australian Tamanu to soothe, awaken, and rejuvenate the skin— and deliver an immense amount of vitamins and antioxidants to return skin to its most radiant state.

What beauty means to you.

Beauty is simply how we choose to view the world, each other, and ourselves.


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